The Church

at Clanton

We are an elder lead church 

We are a church lead by elders. We believe that rather than all the administration of the church being placed on a single "professional" pastor, the Bible more clearly indicates the shepherding of the church by elders (I Timothy 3). 

The Scriptures teach that a plurality of elders governed individual New Testament churches (Acts 14:23; Acts 20:28; Titus 1:5; Philippians 1:1). Scripture does not mention any congregations featuring a single pastor and leader. A plurality of godly elders is the healthy Biblical model teaching that wisdom is found in a multitude of godly counselors (Proverbs 11:4; Proverbs 12:15; Proverbs 15:22; Proverbs 19:20; Proverbs 24:6).

Ryan Hand - Pastor & Elder

Ryan and Melissa are relatively new to Clanton but are not new to ministry. Ryan has served in an array of vocational and lay ministry positions and ultimately believes God has called him to the ministry of preaching and teaching God's Word. A native of Alabama, Ryan received a M.A. in Theological Studies and is currently completing his M.Div in homiletics from Liberty University.

Ryan blogs here

Brian Jones - Worship Leader & Elder

Brian is a graduate of Southeastern Bible College and has previously served as youth minister, children's minister and worship leader. Brian and Raquel have dedicated their lives to ministry of the Kingdom. We are blessed to have such a talented man that God has gifted to lead His people in corporate worship each week. Brian also serves on the Board of Elders for The Church at Clanton. 

Barry Harrison - Elder

In addition to serving the church in the capacity of elder, Barry also contributes to our families by teaching children weekly. From time to time Barry teaches from the pulpit and is a self-proclaimed "Chief of Sinners". You will not need to know this man long before you hear his heart for the Lord and understand his desire to see others come to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Very few men exhibit such a deep love for God's Word as this man does. 

Jason Bryant - Elder

Jason is the unsung hero of our elder board team. Though he is not always doing things from the front of the church, he is always contributing behind the scenes to the efforts of administrating the church. Jason is a co-teacher of the weekly men's Bible study and faithfully serves in managing much of the church business. One can not illustrate what it is to be faithful in service any better than Jason and his lovely wife Stacey.

Tonya Harrison - Children's Ministry

Tonya has given her life in dedication to teaching children and raising her family. She has vast experience in teaching both in the church and in the formal private school setting. In addition to her duties as coordinator of children, Tonya also disciples women in the church by teaching bi-weekly Women's Bible Study that meets on Sunday afternoons. Tonya and her husband Barry have also been key contributors to other ministry efforts around the state where they joyfully serve to further the ministry of the Gospel. 

Zac Champion - Youth Ministry

Yep, we're proud he graduated college too!

Zac and his wife Katelyn are key contributors to the effort of the church. Youth ministry always invokes its own connotation and that would not be an accurate depiction of Zac's ministry. Rather than just gathering teenagers to play games and teach soft moral relatives, Zac clings tightly to God's Word and nothing else. At the Church at Clanton, we desire to give no answers which are void of Scripture. 

Zac has previous experience as a professional football player but found he was still unprepared for all that teenage drama brings to the table.

>>>Zac, if you want a different picture know what you have to do.